A large portion of individuals have experienced or are experiencing toenail fungus. It kills us slowly and agonizingly. it is also a symptom of something much worse which the real reason is not obvious but within your body. People tried to apply cream or take pills at one time or another to get rid of the yellow monster under your toenails. You tried so hard to conceal your feet so people won’t see the humiliating yellow monstrous nails.

Fungus Hack is one of the best fungal medications that restores the person that you are before the fungus. It is 100% natural, clear and cheap treatment that aids the body combat all the contagious diseases. Worry no more! This time you take control of your own life. This Fungus Hack review is about to dispense with your fungus and live a happy life again.

Who created Fungus Hack?

Brett Johnson is a 61-year old, a victim of toenail fungus himself. He lives with his wife Megan in Sunny St., Petersburg, Florida. Megan who also was once a victim of skin fungus. Brett had gone through the life devastating event of the toenail fungal infection and doctors had prescribed him a ton of medication, all of which were ineffective. After nearly losing his life to the battle against toenail fungus, he tried different natural herbs. This has led to discovery and foundation of the Fungus Hack.

An overview on the program:

This is not your ordinary medicine you find in the market. You can read a lot of positive reviews and testimonials from those who have tried this supplement. We know how unpleasant fungus is, we need to address it promptly, viable and very complete. Meaning, the arrangement needs to address the problem totally, else it might return and further causing numerous problems.

Fungus Hack is a clinically tested dietary supplement that cures the yellow plague growing beneath your toenails. It has been clinically proven, developed and perfected by Brett Johnson.

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This all natural product contains antibiotics that combats nail and skin fungus.

The aim of Nutrition Hacks Fungus Hack is rid yourself of fungus and all the underlying problems. By keeping track of the fungus in the whole of one’s framework. Hence, getting rid of not only those that can be seen but also those that you do not see.

 Fungus Hack works in 3 phases:

Phase 1

It works in an all natural way. No added chemicals, fillers, substances and manufactured mixes in the formula. It first targets the fungal cell wall, exposing them to the very potent compound of the product. Now, fungus cell wall is more resistant compared to human cell wall. That means, Fungus Hack works very hard to counter these walls. It contains 2 main ingredients:

  1. Grape Fruit Seed Extract. It helps in fighting all sorts of infection when taken orally. It kills all the infectious microbes efficiently and has anti oxidant property. In addition, it reduces digestive issues, relieves athletes foot and nail fungus.
  2. Caprylic Acid. This is responsible in strengthening the immune system. It is common in coconut oil and milk which has a list of medical benefits including antifungal and antibacterial properties. It also helps in combating health problems associated with over growth of yeasts.

Phase 2

After breaking the fungus cell wall, it is now vulnerable to the enzymes, digesting the fungus. In this phase, there are 3 main ingredients:

  1. Amylase 5000. This is responsible for digesting the fungus starch, which is the main source of their energy. Fungus starch is also the reason for their survival.
  2. Lipase 1000. Plays a vital role in digestion, processing of dietary lipids and transport to various parts of the body.
  3. Protease 3500. This is a protein degrading hydrolytic enzyme that is present in the human body.

All these enzymes, break the protein bonds which are the building blocks of fungus cell wall, leaving the fungus defenseless against phase 3.

Phase 3

This phase provides anti fungal support. It contains all natural antibiotic property.

  1. Black Walnut Hulls. It contains a chemical that is anti bacterial, anti viral, anti parasitic and a fungicide. It also cures gastrointestinal problems.
  2. Lemon Grass. Used for aroma therapy for treating muscular pains. It is also used in making Vitamin A and natural Citral.
  3. Oregano Powder. Contains Carvacrol and Thymol- oils with remarkable fungal fighting property. Enrich with anti oxidants and nutrients.

For best results, take the recommended daily dose. This dietary supplement contains only all natural ingredients to fight against fungus. The natural formula is designed to fix nail fungus and restore your toes looking as normal and as healthy as before. This supplement taken orally, penetrates into your skin to completely wash away all types of fungi, from the skin down to your blood vessels.

If you have a look online, different Fungus Hack reviews and testimonials are positive. With the all-natural ingredients and approach this product has, it definitely is something you should try if you’re suffering from fungal infections.

Fungus Hack will clean your whole system of any spores of fungi and cleans away dirty appearance of the affected toenail. After getting rid of fungus, it then prevents your body from any form of fungus. It is recommended that 2 capsules are to be taken daily.

This review will not be biased, thus we will mention to you the advantages and disadvantages of the product.


  • Easy and Affordable;
  • Safe and Effective;
  • Gets rid o fungus forever; and
  • Improves the total function of the body.


  • It’s only available online;
  • Official website lacks information; and
  • Reviews and Testimonials available elsewhere and not on the official website

The benefits 

  • Proven to enhance the immune system of your body.
  • Clears away fungus and bacteria from your body
  • Heals the skin fast
  • Protects the body from harmful respiratory infections and also helps in good digestion
  • Fast repair of damaged nails and skin.
  • Reduces the risk of infecting other area since it is taken orally.

So does it work? Here’s what we found out…

To sum it up, it is safe to say that it is effective. Since it only contains all natural herbs and ingredients, it has 0 side effects. This is an exceptionally prescribed supplement that has treated individuals who suffered physically and emotionally for a considerate amount of time due to fungus. No fungal medication comes close to Fungus Hack, with appropriate fungal soothing relief. A lot of Fungus Hack reviews online point to one thing – that the product help them and others around them get rid of the forever fungal problems they’ve had.

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for more information about the product. You’ll also find discounts and coupons there. What are you waiting for? Solve your fungal infections by using the Fungus Hack product now.