Let’s get started on a drill down into this amazing claim, if it is true I will quit my job tomorrow or even today. This AZ Code Review will give you an unbiased account of all the information I have gathered.

The AZ code is also known as the Amazon Code, but don’t be mistaken. it’s not the Amazon river but Amazon the distribution company the largest in the world of its type.

In general the theory is that Amazon affiliates have earned as much as forty thousand US dollars every month through sales and commissions, well that seems like a lot of sales to complete every month but to receive forty thousand US Dollars every month I am certainly up for it, are you?

All through my life, I have been told, if it is too good to be true then it usually is! Surely, the mighty Amazon Company would not allow a fraud. It is not possible to imagine corporate governance would allow the Amazon name to be attached to the scam, it would cause untold damage and loss of customer confidence, so why is this AZ code so prevalent today.

How Does the AZ Code Work and Can It Work for You?

`The AZ Code is authored by a guy named Andrew Pearson allegedly he does not exist, but that’s ok in many publications authors use other names, I am not sure why but it happens even with famous authors so we cannot hold this against the author or make the assumption this is a scam.

The AZ Code (Amazon Code) is an online platform that enables you to make money without prior knowledge of this industry. You are given various methods to show you how to use this platform to make money, I would  not expect your first month will prove that fruitful but once you are practiced then the cash should start flowing in to your bank.

The entire program is set in to four constituent parts giving clear instructions how to achieve your earning potential without experience. To make life easy for you they have collaborated alongside clickbank which is a reliable online money payment service

AZ Code Four Steps to Making Money

First Step

Amazon has thousands of products listed for sale, the author will share with you the process needed to find the correct products for you to start earning a regular income through Amazon commissions, the steps are to follow and almost every person will be able to complete without difficulty. The author provides a complete guide including how to auto search the thousands of listed products on Amazon.

Second Step

After completing step one you will then need to create a website, do not worry you are given all the information you need showing you how to create a web site through an auto website builder program. It is a simple process, that will give you a base line to tap into those lucrative Amazon commissions. You are now on your way to those big bucks you have always dreamt.

Third Step

Now you have your website you will be pleasantly surprised that the traffic is coming to you there will be no need  for you to undertake long boring searches it is come your way automatically.  The author used his expertise to share his knowledge with you and now you have the auto traffic system in place you will receive commissions from every sale purchased through the official site. Does this sound to good to be true? Maybe not.

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Fourth Step

You are almost there and the author has provided everything you need he has given you Click cart, this will enable you now to start earning money, the author has made everything very simple for you to get started. The product includes live training over a period of three sessions that will kick start your income, the software used is user friendly and should not cause any problems for the user. Well there is more, you will receive 24/7 customer service should you face any problems with the system.

AZ Code Advantages

  • Large earning potential
  • Easy to set up
  • Customer service 24/7
  • Low expenditure for high reward
  • 60 Day money back guarntee

AZ Code Disadvantages

  • You will need a stable internet connection
  • Effort based
  • Determination to earn
  • Negative reviews and scam claims

This AZ Code Review has given a thorough overview, which should allow you to give consideration to this product.

Where to Buy The AZ Code

You can buy the AZ Code online through
multiple websites stock the book you may be get a discount if you shop around.

It costs $37, and all major credit cards are accepted.


I hope this AZ Code Review has given you an insight to the product.

Is it a scam or not? I would say no because you are buying a book providing you with a means to earn a lot of cash, now it is your choice what you do with the information. If you sit back and do nothing you will never earn from the AZ Code so you cannot really shout scam.

Before you buy the book make sure it is what you want to do, understand you need to spend time to be in front of the computer every day, is your internet connection good enough to support what you are trying to achieve.

I have pointed out this is effort based, show me something that offers high earnings that is not effort based, your performance is the key to your success. If you are fed up with a small paycheck every month then try this I think there is enough evidence to prove that this AZ Code will provide a life style that many of us dream about but you will power and motivation to take the steps required to make the change that you seek in your finances.

It is all in your hands. You can do it!

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