It is usually controversial when an artist suffers from a wardrobe malfunction. This is not necessarily the case for Miley. In fact, for her, it is already a usual thing. She even appeared in public with barely anything on her body. Hence, if a headline says Miley Cyrus had wardrobe malfunction, no one appears to be surprised. If anything, it is expected that she will come out riskier than usual.

Miley Cyrus suffered from wardrobe malfunction and showed her butt while performing on stage. It didn’t seem like a big deal for her though.

Her tiny denim shorts were a bit tinier than what they’re supposed to be, revealing something that should have been hidden.

While hosting, she suffered from a wardrobe malfunction and exposed her breast. Some people said it was more intentional than it was a malfunction.

Her boots were damaged while performing on stage, forcing her to sit down, but still move on with the performance.

Her butt was totally exposed in this wardrobe malfunction. She was trying a crazy stunt though, so the inevitable happened.

Miley has always been risky when it comes to her fashion choices. When she hosted the MTV VMA, she changed outfits that barely covered anything.

The paparazzi took a photo of Miley as she was leaving her car. Hence, they have snapped something that should not have been for the public’s eyes.

Miley has always advocated for freeing the nipples. Hence, it is quite difficult to tell if the moments when she showed her breasts were wardrobe malfunctions or totally intentional.

Back then, if you tell an artist that her breasts were exposed in some photos, they would feel really awkward. For Miley, it is no longer unusual.

Miley went out several times with nothing other than pasties on her nipples. Hence, it is no longer a question why she doesn’t give a damn if her body is exposed during a wardrobe malfunction.