Silencis Pro: Does it Work?

We set out to uncover the truth behind the product, the real user reviews, why it can’t be found on Amazon and the things you need to know about your order before committing to purchasing a package.

The research team behind this supplement has uncovered a revolutionary new approach to how Tinnitus should be treated and has exposed the wrongful treatment of people who’ve participated in flawed experiments, all of which continued to assume that Tinnitus is a condition affecting the auditory system, even though all evidence suggested otherwise.

It appears that Tinnitus is actually a symptom of a much more complicated issue, namely, a brain nutrient deficiency and oxygen deprivation which causes your neurons to “misfire” and send out alarm signals which you hear as Tinnitus.

The reason why this discovery comes so late is actually because our government never found Tinnitus to be a chronic illness worth pumping money into. Researchers in the field are few and far between, but with the help of the Institute for Better Hearing Performance, this all changed and they could finally come together and uncover this bizarre truth.

So, we’ve decided to ask and answer the most pressing question: Silencis Pro – Does it work?

Silencis Pro: Legit?

We’ve placed an order for the 6 pack, expecting to see additional hidden charges or recurring billing once the order was done. We were very surprised to see that this was not the case at all, and that the entire purchase process was very transparent.

We also appreciated the care their customer service team had for our inquiries: we received highly personalized answers, it didn’t feel like we were a nuisance to them, they were very friendly, helpful and enthusiastic. A great support system which made us feel part of a community. We were more than mere customers.

The formula is carefully balanced, GMO-free ingredients which have a high bioavailability (high absorption rate).

The ingredient list is as follows: hibiscus, juniper berry, hawthorn berry, uva ursi, buchu leaves, olive leaves extract, green tea, and garlic + Vitamin C.

Silencis Pro: Amazon

You may have tried to find it on Amazon and surprisingly enough, it wasn’t there…

The reason is actually one which proves to be in the customer’s advantage. If they were to release it in stores, the prices wouldn’t be in their control anymore.

The high-quality ingredients are very hard to be sourced from certified sources, therefore it is better for both them and the customers to keep out the middlemen from the equation.

The introductory price for the product is actually only $69.00 for now and the estimated actual price will be around $297.00.

Keep in mind that the production of a new batch of supplements takes an estimate of 3-4 months so it is highly probable that the price will increase.

Silencis Pro User Reviews

So, is Silencis Pro effective?

Users of the program seem to be very pleasantly impressed with the supplement. It seems to have offered them an easy way of ensuring the brain’s functions are working exactly as they should, without having to worry about organizing complex and expensive diets which would still be lacking the daily recommended amounts of vitamins and nutrients your brain requires.

Results may, of course, vary depending on how quickly your body responds to the ingredients. Some people feel better faster, while others may take longer.

The minimum amount of time you are advised to take the Silencis Pro pills is 30 days.

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